Aviation Resource Group International

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Biographies Of Our Principals

W. Stephen Dennis       Mark L. Chambers
   Chairman            Managing Partner


"ARGI has amassed over four decades of experience in the valuation and sale of prime aviation properties. As a direct result of our industry experience we have accumulated a critical mass of hard data through direct and forthright interaction with our clients. We have endeavored to earn our client's respect and confidence in our professional aviation consultations."

                                  ...Steve Dennis




"We remember working on the line, flying the late-night charter, and sweating over getting a customer airplane out of the shop on time. And we bring that depth of experience to our more strategic work with aviation service principals looking for unique solutions to increasingly complex problems and opportunities. We have the pleasure of working with the best aviation service companies, both large and small, and our long track record speaks for itself.”

                                   ...Mark Chambers

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Aviation Resource Group International (ARGI) was established in 1975 by W. Stephen (Steve) Dennis.  Steve perceived an emerging demand for a standard set of criteria and methodology to value the unique characteristics of aviation-related holdings for sale, acquisition, funding and estate-planning purposes. Today, our proprietary database contains historical and current information regarding transaction value and other metrics for public and private transactions. With this knowledge ARGI is able to profile an aviation services company against its peers, and accurately determine its fair market value. Over the years ARGI has become the recognized industry leader in FBO mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and operating advisory work.